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The Creative Tree allows you to release that partly-finished novel, poem or story and get paid for it just the same. It gives you the freedom to continue adding to it at your own pace, or just sit back and watch it gain new life as other writers take it in different directions. You can form collaborations with other writers and artists to explore new ways of creating art and literature. You can test new ideas by just posting a synopsis in the forum. And, of course, you can publish a finished story or poem as a complete work. Take control of every aspect of the creative process by choosing to illustrate and edit your work alone or with selected partners. Say goodbye to writer's block forever. Say hello to a new era of creative collaboration!

Practical Details:

You will upload stories by the chapter (either by typing them directly into the upload text box or by copying & pasting your text into it), and every time someone purchases one of your chapters, you will have 50% of the read-online and 80% of the download (after-tax) income credited to your account (and shown on your My Credit History page). You can use the credits you have earned to read other authors' chapters, or you can redeem them through your PayPal account once you have accumulated 1,000 credits. Every time you upload a chapter for a new title, The Creative Tree will create a new folder for that title on your My Upload History page. It costs nothing to upload a chapter, and the folder and the chapter will behave as if you had purchased the chapter (appearing also on your My Purchase History page). You can add additional chapters as and when you like. Chapters must be a minimum of 1,000 words, and a maximum of 10,000 words in length. Shorter chapters can be combined (and longer chapters divided into two or three) to meet these requirements. You can at any time produce a complete "closed" version of a title by putting all its chapters into a folder called an "Author's Choice Proof", which will be locked for editing by anyone other than you. You can add illustrations from our Artist's Gallery sub-site to your chapter, or you can accept a suggested illustration from an artist or photographer, but you will not earn commission on those - the artist will.

You can add chapters to someone else's story, provided you have purchased and read the previous chapter (the one you are adding on to). If you add on to someone else's work - or if someone else adds on to your work - this does not give you the right to publish their work on The Creative Tree or anywhere else, and you will not receive commission from their work.

You cannot add the same chapter to more than one story or poem.


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