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Readers: Now You Control the Story

The Creative Tree allows you to interact with - and even become part of - a story in a whole new way. Or to read it in the conventional way as a complete work. Follow your favourite authors as they release new chapters or whole new books. Explore different pathways through a story with multiple authors. Influence the future of a story or an author by your ratings and your comments. Even join in and contribute new ideas. Choose your favourite illustrators or let the authors choose them for you. Publish a story containing a combination of chapters and illustrations which will be unique to you. The way you experience art and literature will change forever: and you will be in the driving seat!

Practical Details:

You will purchase stories by the chapter, using credits which you purchase through PayPal (or earn from publishing your own work, or by recommending The Creative Tree to your friends). Every time you purchase a chapter or an illustration from a new title, The Creative Tree will create a new folder for that title on your My Purchase History page. As you purchase additional chapters and illustrations, The Creative Tree will deduct one credit from your account for each item purchased and place it in the appropriate folder on your My Purchase History page. You can revisit your purchased items and view them online as many times as you like. If you have a folder which you would like to download to your PC/Mac, iPad, Kindle or mobile device as a complete (illustrated) book in PDF, ePub or Mobi format, then you can select the chapters and illustrations which you want to include, pay one additional credit for each, and export them all as one volume (using our handy page layout templates to make it look just how you want it).


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