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Artists & Photographers: Explore New Ways to Use Your Work

In addition to allowing you to upload your graphics and photos to our "Artist's Gallery" sub-site (which operates like a conventional photo library), The Creative Tree opens up the prospect of using your art to illustrate other people's stories and poems, and of collaborating with authors to create book covers, complete illustrated volumes, and graphic novels.

The possibilities are endless, and the outcome is yours to control.

Practical Details:

You will upload your photos and graphics to "Artist's Gallery" as JPEG files of at least A6-size and 300 dpi: 1250 x 1800 pixels (for use as ¼ page illustrations) and a maximum of A4-size and 300 dpi: 2500 x 3500 pixels (for use as book covers and full-page illustrations), and every time someone purchases one of your illustrations, you will have 50% of the view-online and 80% of the download (after-tax) income credited to your My Credit History page. You can use the credits you have earned to view other contributors' work, or you can redeem them through your PayPal account once you have accumulated 1,000 credits. Every time you upload an illustration for a new title, The Creative Tree will create a new folder for that title on your My Upload History page. It costs nothing to upload an illustration, and the folder and the illustration will behave as if you had purchased the illustration (appearing also on your My Purchase History page).

Unlike authors (who can only upload a chapter to one folder), artists can have the same graphic or photo used in more than one title on The Creative Tree sub-sites other than "Artist's Gallery", and therefore one illustration may be in several folders at the same time. However, to prevent spamming, if you want to add your artwork onto someone else's chapter, you will have to contact the author to get their permission to do so. Similarly, if you want to upload a book cover design for a title, you will need to contact the author of the first chapter in the title to get their permission to do so. If your illustration is added on to someone else's work, this does not give you the right to publish their work on The Creative Tree or anywhere else, and you will not receive commission from their work.


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