Limited Time Launch Promotion

For a limited time only, all credits are HALF PRICE. That means you can get started for as little as US$0.99 (€0.71; £0.59 GBP).

Alpha-Testers: Your Promotional Code Is Now Valid

All alpha-testers who completed the questionnaire should remember to enter their promotional code when making their first purchase - it's worth 120 credits (approximately three online books).


Permanent Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Once logged-on to The Creative Tree, check out your My Account Details page. Scroll down past the Public Profile section (please tell us a little bit about yourself and please upload a photo of yourself or an avatar) to the Refer a Friend section. At the end of the Refer a Friend section you will find your unique referral code. Email it to your friends and tell them to enter the code in the Referral Code box at the bottom of the registration form WHEN REGISTERING. The code can only be used WHEN THEY REGISTER. It cannot be used in the Promotional Code box on the Purchase Credits page. When your friend makes their first purchase - however small - you and they will automatically receive 4 free credits each.


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