12th April 2014: The Creative Tree® Is Live

The Creative Tree is now live. All free test credits have been removed from all accounts, but your viewing history remains, as do all test purchases. Alpha Testers can now use their Alpha Test Promotional Code (worth 120 credits - approximately 3 online books) when making their first purchase of credits.

Visit our Promotions page ( to read about our limited-time launch promotion - HALF-PRICE CREDITS. There is also a Refer-a-Friend promotion.


4th March 2014: The Creative Tree® Moves Into Beta Test Mode

With the completion of the Alpha Test on 4th March, The Creative Tree has moved into Beta Test. This is a more informal test mode, during which we will be encouraging dialogues in the forum whilst we complete our purchase and redemption systems.


24th January 2014: The Creative Tree® Launches

On the 24th January 2014, website was launched in Alpha-Test Mode. Alpha-Testers were asked to register on the site, look around, and then answer a short online questionnaire. Alpha-Testers who completed the questionnaire were rewarded with a promotional code worth 120 Creative Tree® credits (which will buy THREE average-length online books). Having achieved its targeted number of responses, the survey and the promotion were closed on the 4th March. If you would like to see the results of the survey, please visit this thread in the Surveys and Promotions Forum:


The Creative Tree® Is In Test Mode

Whilst The Creative Tree® is in Alpha-Test and Beta-Test mode, all content is FREE. You can "buy" unlimited amounts of Creative Tree® Credits without actually paying for them, and use those credits to "buy" and view stories and pictures.



PLEASE NOTE that any credits you accumulate and any works you have acquired without payment during the Alpha and Beta Tests will be removed once The Creative Tree® starts charging for content. However, your viewing history will remain, so that you can actually purchase any of the works which you have viewed.



PLEASE NOTE that any "sales" you make during the Alpha and Beta Tests are fictional, and all your credits will be removed once The Creative Tree® starts charging for content. However, your fans' viewing history will remain, so that they can see and buy your work for real.

By uploading your material during the test phase, you will be gaining a head start and you will be building your reputation and your fan base in advance of the site beginning to charge.


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