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If you want to create a completely new (graphic) novel, short story, poem or article, you need to be logged in to Then, go to your My Account page (you can get there by clicking the "My Account" text at the top right of any page). Then, take these steps:

1. Click on "New Title" in the Upload Works box (over to the left, beneath the Credit Balance box). See the screenshot below:

2. The "Upload New Title" page pops up to replace the "My Account" page. Please follow the instructions which are shown in red below each box on that page.

3. First, give your novel, short story, poem or article a short title. Then, give a synopsis of your work which summarises the complete work. For this and all other text boxes on the page, you have three options:
    (a) With the "T" folder icon selected (this is the default option) you can type directly into the text box.
    (b) With the "T" folder icon selected (this is the default option) you can copy and paste a basic text file.
    (c) To copy & paste text from Microsoft Word, any other word processor, or a PDF, click on the "W" folder icon, & paste your text into the new "Paste from Word" text box which pops up (using CTRL + V on your keyboard)
See the screenshot below:

4. If you already have a book cover created by you or someone else, it first needs to be uploaded to Artist's Gallery (see how to do that here: Then you can select it in the Book Cover Image box. If you don't have a book cover yet, skip this step - you'll be able to add a cover later.

5. Now you need to select which sub-site you want your work to appear in. If you're writing a novel or short story, choose Authors' Room. For poems, choose Poets' Corner. For travel stories and blogs, it's Travellers' Oasis. Folk stories go in Folk Festival; family stories in Family Hearth. Graphic novels and comics are featured in Comic Studio. If you're writing about a professional topic or a hobby (such as cookery or gardening), choose Knowledge Base. Finally, stories for - or by - children and young people go in Young Zone.

6. Next, you need to select a category for your book, poem or story (such as Action & Adventure or Crime & Detective).

7. Now you move on to create the first chapter of your new work. You need to provide a short title and a 1-2 sentence synopsis for your chapter. Then, select one or two appealing paragraphs from your chapter and place them in the Extract text box. Now comes the most important step: uploading the chapter. Refer back to point 3 to remind yourself of the three ways you can do this. Most people will want to copy and paste their text from Microsoft Word, or another word processor, or a PDF. To do this, you first need to click the "W" folder icon (in the last row of icons above the Content text box). See the screenshot below:

8. When a new "Paste from Word" text box pops up, go to your original document, select all the text which you want to upload (N.B. Please do not select the title for your chapter as part of your text - the system will automatically add the title you entered at Stage 3 to the top of the reading window for your chapter), copy it (using CTRL + C on your keyboard), then go back to the "Paste from Word" text box, position your cursor at the top left of the box, and press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste the copied text. Then click the Insert button (bottom left) and the "Paste from Word" pop-up text box will disappear, leaving your content pasted into the Content text box. See screenshot below:

9. Finally, when you have checked your text, checked the word count at the base of the text box to make sure that your chapter meets the requirements (MINIMUM 1,000 words, MAXIMUM 10,000 words), click the Upload button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to the reading window for the first chapter of your new work. If you wish to add chapters to your new work, you will do so from the reading window of the chapter you want to add on to: NOT from the New Title window.


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