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If you want to upload a new picture, you need to be logged in to Then, go to your My Account page (you can get there by clicking the "My Account" text at the top right of any page). Then, take these steps:

1. Click on "New Picture" in the Upload Works box (over to the left, beneath the Credit Balance box). See the screenshot below:

2. The "Upload Picture" page pops up to replace the "My Account" page. Please follow the instructions which are shown in red on that page.

3. First, give your picture a short title. Next, select a category for your picture (such as Animals & Plants or Travel). All pictures are automatically uploaded to Artists' Gallery, so you are not given a choice of sub-site at this stage (you can add this picture to your own or others' work in other sub-sites later - see point 6 below). Then, give a short description of your picture. Finally, select whether your picture is a Photograph or Artwork. You are now ready to upload your picture. See screenshot below:

4. Click on "Browse" (to the right of the "File" box) to select a file to upload from your computer. We only accept JPEG or PNG files with a MINIMUM size of 1,772 x 1,181 pixels (15 x 10 cms @ 300 dpi) and a MAXIMUM size of 3,508 x 2,480 pixels (A4 @ 300 dpi) - if necessary, please use your photo editor or graphics program to adjust your image to fit within this range.

5. Once you have selected the image you want to upload, click on the "Upload" button at the bottom of the page. Please WAIT for your upload to finish.

6. Once your image has been uploaded to Artists' Gallery, you can invite authors and poets to add it to their chapters by sending them a message. See how to do that here:


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