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If an author has not yet added a cover to their title, you can create one and send the author an Illustration Request. If you are an author who would like a particular artist to provide the cover for your title, you need to get the artist to send you an Illustration Request. Illustration Requests for Titles are slightly different to Illustration Requests for Chapters. Here's how you create one:

1. First, go to the Title Page of the title for which you have created a cover. Then, click on "Add Book Cover" (see screenshot below):

2. When you click on "Add Book Cover", a "Send Illustration Request" window pops up. It will show all the illustrations you have uploaded, including the book cover you want to suggest to the author. Select it by clicking on the radio button below it. Use the message text box to tell the author why your cover would be good for their book. Then click "Send". See the screenshot below:

3. Once you press "Send", the author will receive a message inviting them to Accept or Reject your cover.


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